Blind Contour Activity Log

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Activity Log

The first blind contour activity was challenging and surprising.  The assignment was to draw the face of the partner across from me without looking at the screen.  It was kind of awkward just staring at my partner while he stared at me.  It was also difficult to draw a decent face without looking.  For the second blind contour I drew the face of a different partner.  For this second drawing, I was tempted to look at my screen many, many times.  I actually did look at my screen once, but that was the only time.  For the third blind contour I had to draw myself without looking at the screen.  This was just as hard as the others, and I ended up with a terrible drawing. For our last drawing assignment, we had to draw a portrait of ourselves while being able to look at the screen.  I was very happy that we could look at the screen finally, and made a decent portrait.

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