Graphite Leaf Drawing Activity

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Activity Log

The leaf drawing that I created was both challenging and exciting.  It was challenging in many different ways.  In some ways, it was difficult to apply the drop-shadow on the leaf.  Another challenging aspect was getting the leaf drawing to have the same effects of the real leaf.  For instance, the leaf in real life curls up a little bit on the bottom. I tried to get the same aspect on my life drawing but it was very difficult to get the exact action of the “leaf-curl”.  Despite the challenging aspects of the drawing were the exciting parts of drawing it.  I was excited to apply details on the leaf and just drawing it in general.  The details on my leaf consisted of the stem, veins, and other objects such as curls.  I actually learned more about art when drawing this piece.  I learned how to add drop-shadows and apply details in cool, different ways.

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