Still Life Activity Log Final

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Activity Log

Still Life Final

When drawing this piece, I thought of many different things.  First I thought about the approach that I was going to take in order to draw this piece. I snapped a picture of the Real Life images using my fingers which basically cropped the image.  With the image that I just “took” a picture of, I could now start to layout the design of the art.  I started with simple objects, just like boxes and circles.  I then added 3D effects to some of them, and I added shadows.  The shadows made a big deal in my piece because it made the objects look like they are on the platform.  In addition to shadowing, was shading which is different.  I shaded some objects very darkly compared to others because they had much more value and a darker color.  Overall, I am happy with my drawing and I believe that I sketched the real-life images the best I could.

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