1 Point Perspective Resource Post 3

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Resources

Artist: Preston Mojica

Title: One Point Perspective Piece

Dimension: 11 x 14”

Media of each work: Pencil on watercolor type paper

Why you chose it: I chose this piece because it reminds me of a time I sat on a chair and accidently fell.

What about the reference image you can integrate: Preston uses good shading techinuques, as well as shadows to add sort of a creepy effect in the background.

Some interesting factoid about the artist(s. Preston has drawn ever since he could remember and always uses his full initials- PKSM to sign a piece.

  1. Mr. Nelson says:

    Your first two pieces are actually 2 Point perspective drawings. No problem, just wanted to let you know. Mr. Nelson

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