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Scratchboard Activity Log

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Activity Log

The scratchboard drawing was definitely one of my favorite drawings that we have done throughout the other drawings.  In my opinion, the scratchboard drawing was definitely more unique than the other drawings.  I liked how we had a lot of freedom to draw mainly whatever animal or human we wanted to draw.  In my case, I chose a U.S. Army Ranger to draw.  At first I thought the task was going to be very difficult, but it turned out to be an exciting challenge.  The tools used in this drawing were probably the hardest part of the drawing.  I found it hard to take out chunks of the scratchboard without ripping the actual scratchboard.  In the end, I thought my drawing turned out pretty good.  I applied good scratches and I think I had good detail for most aspects of the drawing.  Overall, this assignment was one of my favorite drawings so far.


2 Point Perspective Activity Log

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Activity Log


The 2 Point Perspective drawing was a fun assignment, and I learned a lot about drawing in 2 Point Perspective.  While drawing this assignment, I followed the golden nuggets and tried to perfect my drawing the best way I could.  I established a good horizon line and maintained a vanishing point throughout the whole process of drawing this piece.  The golden rules helped a lot while drawing this piece, and I always looked to them if I was lost or needed to know what to do next.  In the end, I liked the way my drawing turned out except for a couple of things.  I may have shaded my drawing too much instead of using lighter shades, and I also could not figure out the best way to give the dome a 3D shape.  Overall, I liked the 2 Point Perspective drawing and I learned about more skills when drawing in general.


1 Point Perspective Activity Log

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Activity Log

In my opinion, 1 Point Perspective is an awesome way of drawing things.  It actually amazes me how everything in 1 Point Perspective works.  At first, I was a little bit confused about the vanishing point and how all the lines connected to it, but after I actually got to work with the drawing, I realized that everything basically pieces it way back to your vanishing point.  I found this concept to be pretty amazing, considering there is only one vanishing point but multiple lines that connect to it.  Another cool thing while doing this piece was scaling.  I thought it was pretty awesome that all we had to do was measure something that we needed in our piece, with our ruler.  This definitely helped my drawing out on the realistic-side. One of the difficult parts for me was the roof.  I feel as if the roof in my drawing is a little off-aligned.  Overall, I thought  1 Point Perspective was a cool, unique way of drawing.


Pen and Ink Activity Log

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Activity Log

Andy Douglas

During the Pen and Ink Drawing I felt many different emotions.  The first emotion I felt was worrying about spilling ink on my shirt, or splattering it all over my paper.  Unfortunately, the ink did happen splatter a couple of times on my drawing, but it wasn’t that bad.  Other than that, I enjoyed making this piece.  I thought it was pretty cool using a quill, as I have never used a quill before.  The technique takes some practice and getting used to, especially if you are a lefty.  Before applying the pen we made grids to help organize the drawing.  The grids definitely helped the drawing form shape.  In addition to the technique of the quill was the addition of the technique of cross-hatching.  Cross-hatching, in my opinion, was sort of a pain.  It was kind of difficult, but I finally got the technique down.  Overall, I enjoyed the Pen and Ink piece a lot.

Still Life Activity Log Final

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Activity Log

Still Life Final

When drawing this piece, I thought of many different things.  First I thought about the approach that I was going to take in order to draw this piece. I snapped a picture of the Real Life images using my fingers which basically cropped the image.  With the image that I just “took” a picture of, I could now start to layout the design of the art.  I started with simple objects, just like boxes and circles.  I then added 3D effects to some of them, and I added shadows.  The shadows made a big deal in my piece because it made the objects look like they are on the platform.  In addition to shadowing, was shading which is different.  I shaded some objects very darkly compared to others because they had much more value and a darker color.  Overall, I am happy with my drawing and I believe that I sketched the real-life images the best I could.

Still Life Activity Log 1

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Activity Log

Still Life 1

This is how my Still Life drawing is coming along.

Graphite Leaf Drawing Activity

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Activity Log

The leaf drawing that I created was both challenging and exciting.  It was challenging in many different ways.  In some ways, it was difficult to apply the drop-shadow on the leaf.  Another challenging aspect was getting the leaf drawing to have the same effects of the real leaf.  For instance, the leaf in real life curls up a little bit on the bottom. I tried to get the same aspect on my life drawing but it was very difficult to get the exact action of the “leaf-curl”.  Despite the challenging aspects of the drawing were the exciting parts of drawing it.  I was excited to apply details on the leaf and just drawing it in general.  The details on my leaf consisted of the stem, veins, and other objects such as curls.  I actually learned more about art when drawing this piece.  I learned how to add drop-shadows and apply details in cool, different ways.

Blind Contour Activity Log

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Activity Log

The first blind contour activity was challenging and surprising.  The assignment was to draw the face of the partner across from me without looking at the screen.  It was kind of awkward just staring at my partner while he stared at me.  It was also difficult to draw a decent face without looking.  For the second blind contour I drew the face of a different partner.  For this second drawing, I was tempted to look at my screen many, many times.  I actually did look at my screen once, but that was the only time.  For the third blind contour I had to draw myself without looking at the screen.  This was just as hard as the others, and I ended up with a terrible drawing. For our last drawing assignment, we had to draw a portrait of ourselves while being able to look at the screen.  I was very happy that we could look at the screen finally, and made a decent portrait.