1 Point Perspective Activity Log

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Activity Log

In my opinion, 1 Point Perspective is an awesome way of drawing things.  It actually amazes me how everything in 1 Point Perspective works.  At first, I was a little bit confused about the vanishing point and how all the lines connected to it, but after I actually got to work with the drawing, I realized that everything basically pieces it way back to your vanishing point.  I found this concept to be pretty amazing, considering there is only one vanishing point but multiple lines that connect to it.  Another cool thing while doing this piece was scaling.  I thought it was pretty awesome that all we had to do was measure something that we needed in our piece, with our ruler.  This definitely helped my drawing out on the realistic-side. One of the difficult parts for me was the roof.  I feel as if the roof in my drawing is a little off-aligned.  Overall, I thought  1 Point Perspective was a cool, unique way of drawing.


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