Scratchboard Activity Log

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Activity Log

The scratchboard drawing was definitely one of my favorite drawings that we have done throughout the other drawings.  In my opinion, the scratchboard drawing was definitely more unique than the other drawings.  I liked how we had a lot of freedom to draw mainly whatever animal or human we wanted to draw.  In my case, I chose a U.S. Army Ranger to draw.  At first I thought the task was going to be very difficult, but it turned out to be an exciting challenge.  The tools used in this drawing were probably the hardest part of the drawing.  I found it hard to take out chunks of the scratchboard without ripping the actual scratchboard.  In the end, I thought my drawing turned out pretty good.  I applied good scratches and I think I had good detail for most aspects of the drawing.  Overall, this assignment was one of my favorite drawings so far.


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