Pen and Ink Activity Log

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Activity Log

Andy Douglas

During the Pen and Ink Drawing I felt many different emotions.  The first emotion I felt was worrying about spilling ink on my shirt, or splattering it all over my paper.  Unfortunately, the ink did happen splatter a couple of times on my drawing, but it wasn’t that bad.  Other than that, I enjoyed making this piece.  I thought it was pretty cool using a quill, as I have never used a quill before.  The technique takes some practice and getting used to, especially if you are a lefty.  Before applying the pen we made grids to help organize the drawing.  The grids definitely helped the drawing form shape.  In addition to the technique of the quill was the addition of the technique of cross-hatching.  Cross-hatching, in my opinion, was sort of a pain.  It was kind of difficult, but I finally got the technique down.  Overall, I enjoyed the Pen and Ink piece a lot.

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